What You'll Learn

The world of financial planning is fast-moving and fast-growing, with many advisors and plans.  To be successful, you need to above all win the loyalty of your current clients to win their support and referrals.  You also need to be adept at sales and presentation skills.  Additionally, to survive increasing regulatory burdens and competition, it is imperative to stay current on worldwide regulations and cutting-edge leadership techniques. Our cruise will help you in each of these areas through a focused series of classes that will allow you to go back and transform your company.

Note:  This cruise is best when you bring an intact team of financial advisors from one company so we can target directly to your unique needs.  However, we also can invite single advisors along and the exact mix of content will depend on the makeup of the participants.


Optional:  Receive a companywide staff Vital Signs survey and personal consultation ($4000 value) that will identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses.  This is good for an intact or larger group from within one company.

Optional but Recommended:  One month prior we can set up our Strength-based Leader 360 Leadership Profile.  This confidential and anonymous instrument allows your direct reports, peers and others to rate you in a series of questions aligned to eight categories of leadership success.  We will provide you the results in a private, eyes-only report, along with a self-guided interpretive workbook for you to use in creating your own personal ILDP (Individual Leadership Development Plan).  We can provide one-on-one coaching on board and after the cruise.  “Vision is the breakfast of champions, Feedback is the lunch of champions and Self-correction is the dinner of champions” (Stephen R. Covey). Let’s give you a feast and a plan!  To see a sample of the report, click here.

The first night we are on board, we will take some time to find your north star - the central purpose that you and your company revolve around. Additionally, when you arrive on board, you will receive a copy of national bestseller The 4 Disciplines of Execution, which will be the foundation for many of the topics we discuss throughout the seminar.

Day 1

In the morning we may break out into concurrent sessions to maximize the value for everybody who comes, depending on the number or the kind of financial planning you do. We have two fantastic topics for these breakouts.

Morning: The Art of Selling and Presenting

“People who buy power drills do not necessarily want a quarter-inch drill.  They want a quarter-inch hole.” (Clayton Christensen)  In this session we will help you dig into the real needs your customers have and how to use great sales skills, such as S.P.I.N selling, to diagnose and offer just the right financial solution to your clients.  You will also have time to network and share best-practice ideas.   We will also cover the eight power-skills of effective presentations.

Afternoon: Customers Only Want Two Things: Winning Loyalty in a Competitive World

Now you will experience the full workshop that we have successfully taught all around the world.  Customers only want two things:  solve my problem and leave me feeling great about the experience.  Your loyal clients are your best sources of referrals…the more loyal customers you have, the less “door knocking/cold-calling” you have to do!  In this session you will receive our renowned deck of Hot Tip Cards and many other tools, including a copy of Kevin’s new book.

Day 2

We suggest using this day to build your financial team and learn how to lead and motivate others. 

Morning: The Foundations of Leadership

  • Create a compelling vision that will transform and propel your team to new heights.

  • Learn how to use the 4 Disciplines of Execution to identify goals, lead measures and create scoreboards for your sales people and teams

  • Master positive accountability and how to effectively hold people and teams accountable.

Learn how to empower and motivate teams and individuals

Afternoon: The Imperatives of Leadership

  • Learn the four imperatives of leadership and how to unleash these in your life professionally and personally. 

  • Learn how to lead inspiring meetings.

  • Plan and build scoreboards that will help you hold your team accountable and point them towards an incredibly successful shared future

  • Discover and demonstrate how to successfully delegate responsibilities to others in a way that will empower them and enable you to free up your time to drive the company forward.

 Other optional topics:

 Creating a Sustainable Succession Plan

Many companies are reaching the point where it is time for one generation of leaders to pass the baton to a new generation. Creating a sustainable succession plan should be an integral part of everything that you do, starting with hiring and promoting your front-line managers. This course will help you to identify, train, and keep the people you want leading your company for the next generation.

Leadership at All Levels

This class is designed to train leaders throughout your organization in the fundamental principles of leadership. You will learn how to create loyal customers both inside and outside your organization. Additionally, you will discover how to use the power of trust and how you can develop emotional intelligence to create extraordinary relationships with your colleagues, supervisors, and staff.

Staying Compliant in a Changing World

The regulatory world is constantly changing, and it is imperative that you stay current on the changes that governments worldwide are making and how those changes will impact you. This session will go through some current regulations for businesses so that you will be able to adapt and adjust.  If we do this program it will likely need to be led by your internal experts. 



*Sample itinerary only. VisionBound offers itineraries to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Hawaii, and the South Pacific.

The Ship

We have selected a beautiful ship for our adventure.  Inside cabins are reasonably priced, though you can splurge on luxurious suites for your accommodations.

The cruise line is selected for its combination of quality and route, ensuring that you get an incredible experience.

The Itinerary

Our cruise itinerary offers us two full sea days for our workshops, one at the beginning and one towards the end. In between we will visit beautiful Russia, Finland, and Estonia.  

  • Day 1: Spend your day in Stockholm and visit renowned the Vasa, a 16th century galleon. Explore Gamla Stan before arriving on the ship at 4 PM.

  • Day 2: Spent at sea. While you are learning about succession planning and leadership, your family can relax on board by spending some time by the pool or taking in a day at the spa.

  • Day 3: We will be in Helsinki for 9 hours and you can spend this time exploring Scandinavian citadels or bustling markets selling unique foods and goods.

  • Day 4: Spend your time in St Petersburg by exploring the riches of the czars and seeing some of the world’s greatest art.

  • Day 5: Take some time to explore the old town of Talinn and try their unique foods. Learn about the empire that was headquartered here before the rise of Peter the Great.

  • Day 6: Enjoy your day in Riga by exploring the countryside or finding out about the latest and greatest the country has to offer in the Silicon Valley of the Baltic.

  • Day 7: We will spend our workshop time aboard the ship by focusing on tactical skills that will take your business to the next level. You will learn how to create Wildly Important Goals that are backed by a culture of accountability, scoreboarding, and teamwork that propel your company far beyond where you have ever been before. You will also learn what regulations your business needs to adjust to and how you can take your customer loyalty to the next level.

  • Day 8: Disembark at 8 AM in Stockholm and enjoy a typical Swedish breakfast before returning back to your business ready to implement the powerful lessons you've learned on board.

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