Visionbound offers courses focused around two areas: customer loyalty and leadership. 


Leading Others


The skills needed for one-on-one influence and leadership.  These are the skills needed to influence others and many are pertinent to all employees, not just those in management positions.  They are also crucial skills to prepare “next-generation” leaders for promotion.  


LO-1 Understanding Leadership

LO-2 Building Trust with Others

LO-3 Effective Communication

LO-4 Motivating and Empowering Others

LO-5 Dealing with Difficult People


Leading Teams


The skills needed to lead and work with teams of 3 or more.    Ideal for all administrators and also faculty who work in collaborative teams.


LT-1 Creating Team Mission/Vision

LT-2 Goal Setting and Action Planning (Team)

LT-3 Execution: Creating Focus and Accountability

LT-4 Leading Change in your Team


Leading Organizations


The skills needed for higher level organizational leadership.  Most are a half day in length unless noted otherwise


LORG-1 Creating Organizational Vision/Mission Statements

LORG-2 Strategic Thinking

LORG-3 Leading Organizational Change